March Point of Departure is Out

Source: Point of Departure.

Issue 78 – March 2022

Page One: Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra: An Oddly Homely Avant Garde:
a column by Bill Shoemaker

Ohad Talmor: Rootless Cosmopolitan: an interview with Troy Collins

Ezzthetics: a column by Stuart Broomer

Floris Nico Bunink, Restless Bopper Advised by Bill Evans: by Werner Herbers

Dave Burrell: From Ragtime to No Time: an interview with David Grundy

The Book Cooks:
As Within So Without & other writings
Daniel Barbiero (Arteidolia Press; New York)
The Music Mind Experience
Karl Berger (Creative Music Studio; Woodstock, New York)

Moment’s Notice: Reviews of Recent Media