Innova Recordings’ Bay Area Pilot Program

Source: I Care If You Listen.

In one of the most cutthroat entertainment sectors that has countless stories of 360 deals, shelving projects, payment inequity, and more, innova Recordings is redefining its role in the development, creation, distribution, and marketing of its artists.

Established in 1982 when American Composers Forum was still the Minnesota Composers Forum, innova was originally a platform to showcase the McKnight Composer Fellowship winners but evolved into a home for genreless music creators, for musicians who don’t fit into the “mainstream classical” model, and especially for artists who might not have the financial resources to realize their latest or developing project.

As a first step in implementing an even more collaborative and accessible operations model, innova’s Bay Area Pilot program was launched in March 2021 as an “outgrowth” of the label and a commitment to ACF’s anti-racism policy. This program was “explicitly designed to support artists in both the creation and promotion of their music.”