Coming to San Francisco

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, February 25

Boosting Resilience and Creativity with Dr. Eki’Shola Edwards
Live music and presentation

Saturday, February 26

Sat 2/26 2:00 PM San Francisco Public Library, Richmond branch [351 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118]
Free, in person and outdoors, Buchla synthesizer performance by Thomas Dimuzio. IF RAIN IS FORECAST, THIS EVENT WILL BE CANCELLED.

Sat 2/26 7:30 PM Tom’s Place [3111 Deakin Street Berkeley]
On Saturday, February 26 at 7:30pm, Tom’s Place presents
Ben Goldberg, clarinet
Nate Brenner, electric bass
Scott Amendola, percussion

Sunday, February 27

Sun 2/27 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]

Friday, March 4

Fri 3/04 8:00 PM PianoFight OAKLAND [1540 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612]
A fiery witch loses her hand to an angry mob, tames wild beasts in the forest, and starts hustling small town folk and casinos out of all their money, with one hand. One-Handed Witch is a silent film with shadow puppets and live musical score featuring organ and salvaged percussion instruments. It was written and scored by Samson Y Hiss with shadow puppets and film production by Rita Deiola and Sara Draghi in Italy. It is a first collaboration with film, shadow puppets and live music. It is a world premiere!

Fri 3/04 8:00 PM Mosswood Sound Series [3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland]
John Bischoff: three solo compositions for computer and custom analog circuits: “Bitplicity” (2020), “Visibility Study” (2015) and “Calliope” (2022); Matt Ingalls performs solo clarinet.