Coming to Seattle

Source: Wayward Music Series.

Lost Chocolate Lab
Sat. Feb. 19, 8 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

Guitarist, noise maker, effects builder, and spatial audio investigator Damian Kastbauer prepares for lift-off with his specially-designed multiple speaker array tweaked for travel through time and space.

The Light That Fills the World: Music of John Luther Adams
Thu. Feb. 24, 8 PM; $30, $15 advance/at door

A meditative music experience featuring the nature-inspired music of American composer John Luther Adams. Program: The Farthest Place (2001), The Wind in High Places (2011), Among Red Mountains (2001), The Light That Fills the World (1998/2001) Limited seating.

Earshot presents: James Brandon Lewis & Chad Taylor
Sat. Feb. 26, 8 PM; $10 – $20 advance/at door

Powerful, tenor saxophonist James Brandon Lewis’ style melds many traditions including gospel, free jazz, funk, and hip-hop. His long-time collaborator, drummer Chad Taylor, is known for his creativity and sharp improvisational instincts.