Jacqueline Kerrod Interview

Source: 15 Questions.

Musically and personally I don’t feel like I fit anywhere in particular, but I really love the fact that I do a lot of different things! There’s a freedom in it! I have so much to draw on. I am a transplant, born of transplant parents who moved to South Africa from England. I am first generation South African, now an alien living in the US. My identity as a woman is so tied to my instrument, for better or worse. The harp has all this baggage of being pretty, serene, elegant, perfect, in the background, similar to the baggage placed on women.

As I grow and follow the things that truly interest me, they are reflected in my music. It is so interesting to me how gnarly sounds, dark sounds, ominous sounds are so surprising or labeled as ‘difficult’ – has me wondering why since there is no shortage of these sounds in other instruments. What if I were a man? Part of me enjoys pushing back against the stereotype.