The Friday Experiment Returns to Holyoke, Mass

Source: Bonnie Kane Experimental Music.

Friday, February 18, 2022
$5 suggested donation

The Divine Theatre @
Gateway City Arts
92 Race Street
Holyoke, Ma

Set 1: Bonnie Kane (Holyoke, Ma) and Andy Allen (Westfield, Ma)

Usually heard solo or in their respective bands, this is a rare occasion to experience these two intricately powerful wind players together as one. Extraterrestrial harmonics will be flying.

Set 2: 23 Ensemble (Western Ma)
Andy Allen – sax, flute, electronics; Adam Bosse – electric guitar; Andy Kivela – drums; Nat Baldwin – bass

A dynamic, effusive collective of musicians creating auditory environments in which to skry the aethyrs for new sonic possibilities.

Set 3: KaneLoggia Hypothesis + James + Shaoul (Holyoke, Ma and Brattleboro, Vt)
Bonnie Kane – saxophone, flute, electronics; John Loggia – drums, percussion, guitar; Ben James – drums, percussion, bass; Cyrus Shaoul – guitar, synthesizer

Rolling hills with valleys of melody finding channels through the layered landscape of inspired energies. Yes, you can dance to it…and completely go beyond your body in the process….


Set 4 – Open Jam – bring your gear (simple set-up); backline of drums, amps, mics and PA available.