The Generous Experimentalism of Open Mouth Records 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

The label has also chronicled his love for collaboration with an exhaustive list of improvisers. Open Mouth’s catalog is flush with small groupings featuring Nace with artists like Aaron Dilloway, Okkyung Lee, Susan Alcorn, Twig Harper, Samara Lubelski, Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore, Steve Baczkowski, and Paul Flaherty. Even with the switch to vinyl, Nace kept editions limited—although he pressed 500 copies of the first Body/Head studio effort and nearly as many copies of his collaborative album with Graham Lambkin. “I didn’t necessarily want it to be niche, but there’s built-in limitations,” he says. “If I had a warehouse to store everything, I would do 500 to 1000 of everything and just stick it in there, but I don’t.”