The Slowest Concert Ever

Source: Los Angeles Times.

In 1987 the avant-garde composer John Cage wrote a piece of keyboard music called “Organ²/ASLSP.” The score is eight pages long. But Cage left an unusual instruction for those who wanted to perform it: “As Slow As Possible.” What’s “possible,” of course, is open to interpretation. One performer played it at 29 minutes, another at 71 minutes and another at 8 hours. One performance lasted 14 hours and 56 minutes. But now — well not now, exactly, but 21 years ago — a group of Cage lovers decided to do them one better. So they built a special organ, put it in a run-down medieval church in the town of Halberstadt, Germany, and announced that they were going to play “Organ ²/ASLSP” really, really slowly — over a period of 639 years. The performance is scheduled to conclude in 2640.