A New Wave of Dark Ambient Artists Wants to Make You Uncomfortable 

Source: Pitchfork.

Rediscovered by pandemic-era solace-seekers, ambient music is widely acknowledged to be en vogue, but a loosely knit group of artists is developing a style that’s a world away from the sound’s stereotypically analgesic ideal. Their take is darker, fuzzier, more psychedelic—and more disturbing. It’s also more unpredictable: Variously influenced by genres including industrial, dub techno, and IDM, it’s pocked with trap doors and secret passageways, and released on a network of DIY labels where even the most bucolic chill-out soundtrack might be followed by a harrowing blast of noise. Perhaps most unexpected of all, ground zero for this stuff is not Berlin or London or New York, but a generally overlooked patch of the Midwest.