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SP* Episode 22: SHUT UP AND LISTEN! – with The World According to Sound [podcast]
We kick off season 3 with an interview with the creators behind The World According To Sound, in honor of their 2022 Winter Listening Series. A streaming concert series designed for our times, each event is dedicated to listening closely

bvdub ~ Violet Opposition
Patient composition meets patient listening in the world of prolific artist bvdub, whose latest album features only four tracks, each approximately twenty minutes long and covering an entire side of magenta and yellow vinyl. As the word gliding seems a perfect match

Sven Helbig ~ Skills
What does it take to master a skill? Sven Helbig‘s album is a loving tribute to generations of artisans, engravers, doctors, debaters, and of course musicians, kindly including new skills such as skateboarding and programming. Ironically, Helbig, a skilled drummer

Jean-Michel Blais ~ aubades
One of the season’s loveliest albums was borne out of heartbreak. An aubade is “a morning love song about lovers separating at dawn.” Composer Jean-Michel Blais used the end of a relationship to reaffirm his commitment to life. Known primarily for his piano work,

Steve Roden ~ stars of ice
A lock for our year-end Winter Music chart, stars of ice is a gorgeous half hour of samples and loops. The photograph, taken in 1900, suggests that once upon a time, our winters were colder and icier than they are today. The

Kinbrae & Clare Archibald ~ Birl Of Unmap
Lost villages, abandoned workings, hidden gardens – things you might find on an unmap. The places in-between, transient, neither one thing or another. Places that you might discover by accident or walk past without knowing what is behind the hedgerow.