Rum Music For January Reviews

Source: The Quietus.

In this period of temporal flux, I got thinking about the nature of time as it pertains to The Zone. The release schedule for non-commercial music is always out of whack with industry best practice, but all the same, December/January is a difficult time to release. This means late October-early November is a bottleneck for new releases, as is March/April. Summer remains a bad time to release. January/February is a bad time for getting anyone to buy anything. Added to this, release dates themselves are becoming messy. For many fans I suspect they have all but ceased to exist (especially for those not in ‘The Music Industry’), now that vinyl pressing delays mean digital releases are up a full six months before LPs arrive, so what you see as new stock in a record shop (which I use often to find music that might not be on digital platforms) will have been streaming for months. Bandcamp too, is weighted towards discovery, with patchy functionality around drilling down into new releases.