Devin Sarno Interviewed on Mike Watt’s Podcast

Source: The Watt from Pedro Show.

hour one:

john coltrane talks to frank kofsky about practice – november 1966
“darkened valley lullaby” devin sarno

“sound study five” devin & robert sarno
“snow light sleep” sawako
“mobius trip – part III” (live at texas theater) wanz dover
“beautiful dreams” slw & bbjr
“occasional clarity” northern jaw
“real women theme” noisukka
“without teeth you’d be nothing” new woman
“current and former thought” devin sarno

hour two:

“ungodly purple watt” nastassya filippovna
“I be taking samples from your mom” senor salty balls
“the waves” boundless relaxation
“silence broken by laughter” +dog+
“convoy” waldo the dog faced boy

“only peace” nels cline & devin sarno
“aspiration” ben salter
“h.o.c.m.s.” elettrocapra
“V” niagara
“sorrow is nothing but worn-out joy” berke can ozcan
“full dynamics frequency spectrum” devin sarno featuring vincent gallo, joseph hammer, nels cline, bobb bruno & mark wheaton

hour three:

“constant” crib featuring petra haden
“outside at vic’s 2” foam / rawlings / staubitz
“homeland” angela frances wilson & devin sarno

“fly in 5” carla bozulich & devin sarno
“collaboration” elka bong
“buddha’s knee” (elektra sessions + demos) soft white underbelly