David Toop on Longform Music

Source: The Wire.

In the last clear year, 2019, a year with beginnings and endings, past and future, I played a four hour performance at the Oscillation Festival in Brussels with Akio Suzuki, Aki Onda and Rie Nakajima. “Dara dara”, we called it, which in Japanese means being lazy or slow.

We began discussing this event two years earlier, as a culmination of the experience of working on longform events in various combinations together since before 2015. The actual duration of the event was not so extreme then, by comparison with that preparatory groundwork, and besides, time scatters, goes incognito or plays tricks when invited to open its borders in this way. To present slowness and laziness as virtues was in some sense a reaction against the mania for productivity, professionalism and high density content that prevailed in that now distant and barely credible time. In four hours you can go to the kitchen, use the toilet, move from the margins to the centre or just sit and listen.