Colin Hinton Interviewed

Source: Jazz Right Now.

I had the opportunity to talk with drummer Colin Hinton over the past six months about his music, training, and perspective as an artist.

Cisco Bradley: You are about to release a collaborative trio record with Rema Hasumi and Shawn Lovato. How did that band come together? What concepts and ideas are you collaborating on?

Colin Hinton: Rema was someone I’d wanted to work with for years but I was always too shy to ask. I’d heard her play at Korzo (I don’t remember whose gig it was) and was totally blown away. I also had her record as a leader, and a few with her as a sideperson. I finally hit her up over the summer and she was down to do a session! I’m still to this day pretty surprised when people seem genuinely interested in playing with me, especially when it’s someone I really admire.