Upcoming Releases From Unifactor

Source: unifactor.

Mark Tester – Tumbleweed

Fresh off of his incredible Oblivion Rhythms Revisited LP on Moon Glyph, Tumbleweed is another window in on Mark Tester’s synthesis. Intricate but never overwrought, the pieces here range from playful, melodic miniatures to looming drones, fading in and out of compositional detail and turbulent dream states. Synth sequences, woodwind sounds, and fields of noise all cohabitate on Tumbleweed, joining Tester’s releases on Astral Spirits, his own label Medium Sound, and collaborations with the Crazy Doberman crew as essential pieces of a larger picture.

Zach Rowden – Like a Mirror Does

Making destroyed sounds for a while as part of Dracula Pamphlet, Tongue Depressor, Marsh Chapel, and more, New Haven bassist/improviser/generalized freak Zach Rowden is in a solo tape zone on Like A Mirror Does. The two long pieces here are made up of uncomfortable loops and passages of unintelligible, knotted harshness. Slow moving and weightless, the sounds on Like A Mirror Does smolder without ever igniting, filling the room with a weird smoke that takes a while to be noticed.

Syko Friend – Stars Fight Many

Sophie Weil runs the Dove Cove label, has contributed to Olgaa, Itasca, and more, but Syko Friend is where she navigates solo. Stars Fight Many is a wandering collage of scattered interruptions, raw footage, songs, and distant impressions. Ideas cycle through layers of tape hiss and waves of distortion, with a fragmented feel that sounds like if Karen Dalton had made a record like Twin Infinitives or crossed paths with Flying Saucer Attack. A damaged dream that’s beautiful and confusing.