Coming Up on Orenda Records

Source: Orenda Records.

Coming in January:
Rachel Beetz
Composer, sound artist, and flutist Rachel Beetz presents Unofficial, her first full-length album of improvisations exploring the electroacoustic flute with texture and noise.

Coming in February:
Trio Subliminal
Heavy avant-garde improvisers Dan Rosenboom, Jake Vossler, and Tina Raymond evoke the spirit Butoh and and scale of Kaiju with enormous sound and fiery invention on their second album as Trio Subliminal.

Coming in March:
Esthesis Quartet
Esthesis Quartet (Dawn Clement, Elsa Nilsson, Emma Dayhuff & Tina Raymond) plays with a reckless abandon and treat each other’s compositions with understanding, respect and a treacherous amount of freedom, leading to unexpected musical explorations.

Coming in April:
Forest Chorus
Multi-national collective quintet Forest Chorus to release their debut album featuring Joonas Leppänen (Finland) on drums, Mikko Innanen (Finland) on saxophones, Seba Saenz (Argentina) on trumpet, Caleb Veazey (USA) on guitar, and Miller Wrenn (USA) on bass.