How to Get Noticed in 2022 ~ A Guide for Musicians and Labels (From A Closer Listen)

A Closer Listen provides a really nice set of advice for labels and musicians who want to get reviewed. This sums it up quite well:

Most reviewers don’t make money writing reviews. They volunteer simply because they love music. Every reviewer wishes they could review more. No review site likes to see a release go unreviewed. And yet, they do, and they will. On the other side of the equation, most recording artists don’t make much (or any) money. They dream of a day when this can become their profession. But they, too, do what they do out of love for their art. Few people are able to buy all the music they want, or even listen to all the music they would like to hear. We’re all in this together. Make music because it inspires you ~ we’ll review music when it inspires us, when we have the time, and when our children aren’t sick and our workloads are light. We appreciate what you do, even when we don’t review you, so please appreciate us in return!

ACL has a somewhat different set of filters than we do, but here are a few rough guidelines for increasing the chances of getting reviewed on Avant Music News:

  • Send us music that fits what we normally cover and review. If you are not sure what this entails, here is a complete list of all of our reviews to date. If your music would fit with other recordings on that list, that’s a good sign.
  • Make sure that your submission includes a downloadable album as well as a sample of at least one track. We’ll listen to the track first and if we like it, we will download the album.
  • Make sure that any downloadable tracks have proper metadata. We might listen to the music on our home audio systems, PCs, phones, or in cars, and it can be hard to get some of these devices to play out music that does not have proper metadata.
  • As it stands, we review about 1 in 20 to 1 in 25 albums submitted. So your submission might be very, very good and still not get a review.
  • Finally, expect no response. If we responded to every email, we would not have time to write reviews at all.