More Upcoming Cyclic Law Releases

Source: Cyclic Law.

Kristina Feldhammer “Werden” Book
“Werden” is Kristina Feldhammer’s (aka Krist Mort) latest book of analog photography. It comprises a careful curation of self portraits created, and hand printed in the darkroom, between 2015 and 2020 in Austria. Along with this collection of darkroom works, the book also contains previously unreleased sketches, a foreword by Jonathan Berman as well as an artist bio by Isabel Biederleitner.

CORONA BARATHRI “Lapis Sacrificialis” CD (175th Cycle)
New album by Russian ritual ambient entity Corona Barathri, offering 4 rituals, 4 sacrificial stones as the the foundation of this opus. Enthralling incantations merge with deep ceremonial atmospherics, immersing one into the realm of ritualistic fervour. A foreboding aural channeling of dark forces by Chthonia, Darkarma and Hekte Zaren which also features appearances by Martyria and Nam-Khar. Recorded in 2018-2020 the album is dedicated to the memory of Andrey Kein.

New full length album of Franck Vigroux’s uncompromising signature sound of colossal electronic music. Atotal gathers material from Franck’s latest live A/V of the the same name. Working with his long time visual partner Antoine Schmitt, ATOTAL is an audiovisual performance aiming to reconstruct in order to better deconstruct the processes of imposition of will by repetition and absolute synchronism, to propose a breach to a potentially life-saving decoincidence. The total work of art, when pushed to its paroxysm of absolute coincidence of the perceptions of a captive spectator, is similar to the techniques of mental manipulation of totalitarian regimes, proceeding by annihilation of the critical mind, repetitive semantic pounding, subliminal messages.

FARGUE “Ruines, Irradiées” CD/2LP (CS002)
Fargue is a Swiss/Finnish drone-rock duo founded by the multi-instrumentalists Samuel Vaney (Muhd) and Eeli Helin (Fawn Limbs, Mireplaner…), whose debut full-length “Ruines, Irradiées” will be released via Cavsas, a division of Cyclic Law, on December 17 on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.