Wadada Leo Smith on Turning 80 

Source: PostGenre.

Many people, as they get older, tend to slow down and reduce their workload. Some even step aside and retire entirely. Wadada Leo Smith takes the opposite approach. Over the past year, Smith has been perhaps more productive than ever. 2021 has found him behind a 3 CD solo trumpet box set (Trumpet (TUM, 2021)), a series of duets and trio with Bill Laswell and the late Milford Graves (Sacred Ceremonies (TUM, 2021)), a trio with Mike Reed and Douglas R. Ewart (Sunbeams of Shimmering Light (Astral Spirits, 2021)), a trio with Jack DeJohnette and Vijay Iyer (A Love Sonnet for Billie Holiday (TUM, 2021)), and a second multi-disc outing of his Great Lakes Quartet featuring Henry Threadgill, DeJohnette, and John Lindberg (The Chicago Symphonies (TUM, 2021)). It seems he will be just as prolific in 2022, including releasing an album featuring compositions he has been working on for almost sixty years. In the interim, he will be having a special concert performance – available on his website and Youtube – on his 80th Birthday, December 18th.