Audion Magazine Relaunch

Source: Audion Magazine. We are admittedly late to the game on this one, but long-running (1986-2013) experimental magazine Audio was relaunched last year and has since published 8 new issues. It is now download-only and available via Bandcamp.

A unique voice, exploring adventurous music that others ignore! Audion Magazine (established in 1986) has a reputation for its different stance on modern music, ever willing to embrace the unusual, and seek-out those that have helped shape the face of new-music, from rock/folk/jazz through to the avant-garde. Audion doesn’t adhere to trends or fashion, it exists purely for the love of the music. So, if you’re into anything musically progressive or unusual, you are sure to find Audion essential reading! And, of course, if you’re into Krautrock, genuine progressive, and the music the mainstream and general alternative press ignore – this is the place!