Midira Records New and Coming Releases

Source: Midira Records.

Nadja | Aidan Baker “Nalepa”
“Nalepa” features two studio sessions, played by Nadja and Aidan Baker at Funkhaus Berlin. Nadja got joined by drummer Ángela Muñoz Martínez (Hypnodrone Ensemble) and the result of this drone doom trio is an unbending monster. Weeks later Aidan Baker recorded a solo set, using guitar, bass and drums to create a dynamic ambient album.

thisquietarmy x N “Zerfall | Zerfallen”
After releasing “Zerstoeren” on tape last month, we are completing the documentation of this drone doom convention with the double album “Zerfall | Zerfallen” featuring 2 hours of loud and massive guitar soundwalls.

“Picturesque Ruins” comes up with soundscapes, based on long and slowly sounds created with wind instruments and other classic instruments. Impressive work from Australia moving between modern classic and ambient drone.

“Meantime / Elsewhere” is a concept album, accompanied by a micro web page, that tells a story about a nocturnal inner journey. The ambient tracks are very gracefully built, grabbing for attention.

“Hayví” catches you with temperance and while you listen, the sound keeps surrounding you more and more. It´s an absolute embracing piece of ambient noise work.