AMN Reviews: Dronny Darko & Phaedrus – Quasi (2021; Cryo Chamber)

Quasi is yet another compelling cinematic sci-fi / dark ambient offering from Dronny Darko (Oleg Puzan), this time teaming with Phaedrus (Johan de Reybekill). Giant synth waves crash upon alien shores, leaving bubbling electroacoustics in their wake. Repetitive mechanical noises echo in the background, evoking a sense of isolation and danger. Of course, the expected dense and stifling drones are also omnipresent, accompanied by shimmering and crackling. Puzan and de Reybekill collaborate with other purveyors of similar styles on four of Quasi‘s five tracks, namely Pavlo Storonskyi, Bryan Hilyard, Martin Stürtzer, and Pavel Malyshkin. Each of these individuals adds their own color and textures to their respective pieces.