AMN Reviews: Roland Kayn – An Algorithm MA 71 (2004; Reiger-Records-Reeks)

While Roland Kayn is not strictly dark ambient, much of his output would otherwise fit into that genre. An Algorithm MA 71 is the latest posthumous Kayn release from Reiger-Records-Reeks. While hot off the presses so to speak, the single 25-minute track that makes up this effort is dated back to 2004. The first half is ambient indeed, a darkly quiet set of drones. These are eventually replaced by a cosmic soup of electronic sounds that maintain a spaciousness despite their eclecticism. Oscillating noise walls are dotted with rough textures, while alien sounds overlay static-laden rhythms. An electronics and tape manipulator, Kayn used the term “cybernetic” to describe his music and it is oddly fitting. Nonetheless, given his attention to detail, this is a good one to put on the headphones at an appropriately generous volume.