The Best Krautrock Albums From Louder

Source: Louder.

Although it was given second wind when David Bowie and Brian Eno yammered on about it circa Low and Heroes in ‘77, Krautrock had first left the fatherland and put boots on British soil at the start of that decade. Not that any of the bands involved happily answered to the term. Some say it was coined by John Peel (who championed Tangerine Dream’s Atem in ’73); others claim it was pulled from an Amon Duul track which spoke of “the Sauerkraut band”. Faust called the opening track on their fourth album Krautrock, but that was a dig at how stupid they thought the Brits were. “When English people started talking about “Krautrock”, they said, “We thought they were just taking the piss”.