Paul Dolden’s The Golden Dolden Box Set Released Next Week

Tentatively to be released on Dolden’s Bandcamp page on 12/1/2021. This is a truly massive release of his entire musical output, both released and unreleased, remastered and sounding great! Here is Paul’s release announcement:

The Golden Dolden Box Set.  Forty years of full-time work writing and producing new music reduced to a box set. My entire life’s work reduced to 28 gigs containing:

  • 44 works totaling 10 hours of music at 44.1khz/24bit. Seven of these works were done since 2016 and have only been heard by my dog! Nineteen of these works are duplicated by also having a copy of the Hi Resolution version, (24bit, 96kHz).
  • 34 scores.
  • 33 educational talks totaling 6 hours, which contain music examples.
  • Essays on the music totaling 8,300 words and program notes for the works totaling 6400 words.

The box set comes in two different formats with different prices:

  • A downloadable version (11 gigs) in which all the audio files have been converted to FLAC.  Called Golden Dolden Box Set download version (FLAC)
  • The full product contains audio files rather than compressed FLAC, and a professional video of a chamber orchestra performing one of my works. This full product comes, in the mail, on a USB key and weighs in at 28.33 gigs. Personal note and my autograph included! Elvis and Taylor Swift countersign!!!!