A Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra Playlist 

Source: The Wire.

It was 26 October 2002 and around 25 musicians had assembled in the theatre at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow during Free Radiccals, a festival curated by Evan Parker and Graham McKenzie. I had asked Graham for a couple hours of Evan’s time to run a workshop focused on large ensemble improvising concluding with a low key public performance. Graham said if I could guarantee 25 musicians he’d ask Evan. I’d been playing in lots of free improvising contexts with different groups of players in Glasgow at the time, so I did. I remember distinctly Evan pronouncing unprompted, and with avuncular gravitas, “You are all founding members of The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra”. Little did I know that almost exactly 19 years later I’d be constructing a playlist to celebrate our 14th annual GIO festival. The playlist includes tracks recorded at the festival over the years with fabulous players who became friends and part of GIO’s extended family. It also includes some of our newest friends, who will be appearing at this year’s festival.