Machinefabriek New Releases

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Machinefabriek – Sister (Music for an installation-performance by Roshanak Morrowatian)
As the title suggests, this album presents the score for a beautiful project by artist / choreographer / dancer Roshanak Morrowatian. Sister is an installation as well as a performance; a life-size wax model of a child, which is slowly melting by the heat of light, morphing into new shapes. In the words of the artist: “Sister is an ode to the survival strength of children in areas of political and social turmoil.” Like the installation, the soundtrack is a slow-burning and hypnotic 40-minute piece. The track closes with the voice of Mahnaz Heygharnejadi (Roshanak’s mother), singing the Iran traditional ‘Mara Beboos’.

Anne Bakker | René Aquarius | Rutger Zuydervelt – Hallucine
Out now! You’ve probably read about it in the previous mailing, so no need to further elaborate…

Light/shadow installation by Siba Sahabi
Siba Sahabi is one of these artists that keeps asking me for collaborations. Lucky me! This time I made the music for her beautiful shadow installation Plato. In Siba’s words: “The interactive installation brings the famous allegory of the cave to life. In his allegory Greek philosopher Plato divides our world into reality and delusions that pass for reality. He uses shadow images as a symbol for collective ‘black spots’ that prevent us from seeing the truth.”

Our Arms Grew Together
Dance/circus performance by Marta & Kim
After premièring at the Circle festival in Tilburg, Marta & Kim’s beautiful performance Our Arms Grew Together can be seen (and heard!) at Podium Hoge Woerd in Utrecht. But I’m sure more dates will follow, so keep an eye out on the Dansateliers page…