Two Upcoming Releases from RareNoiseRecords

Source: RareNoiseRecords.

Mike Pride with I Hate Work

Mike Pride – drums, percussion & keyboards
Jamie Saft – piano, mellotron
Bradley Christopher Jones – double bass

Due out November 19th via RareNoiseRecords, I Hate Work draws its material exclusively from MDC’s iconic 1982 debut album, Millions of Dead Cops. Despite his long-established passion for bringing the extremes of hardcore and heavy rock into the jazz and improvised music realm (and vice versa), Pride instead does the unexpected, transforming MDC’s pummeling punk into swinging acoustic jazz.

Red Kite with Apophenian Bliss

Even Helte Hermansen – baritone Guitar
Trond Frønes – bass
Bernt André Moen – rhodes
Torstein Lofthus – drums and percussion

Distilling order from a crushing whirlwind of chaos has been the stock in trade for Red Kite since the Norwegian jazz-rock supergroup joined forces in 2014. Apophenian Bliss, the much-anticipated follow-up to the quartet’s powerhouse 2019 self-titled debut references the tendency in the human brain to find patterns and connections even when none actually exist. While it may be a stretch to call Red Kite’s blistering alchemy of surging psychedelia, steamroller rock and fringe-dwelling jazz “benign,” it’s at least a far less harmful application of the term than the conspiracy theories warping minds across the globe.