Guelph Jazz Festival Announces the Autumn Echoes Series

Source: Guelph Jazz Festival.

Friday 5 November 8pm: Two of the finest musicians based in Guelph, cellist Matt Brubeck and hurdy gurdy player Ben Grossman, join forces to perform subtle, texturally rich string-based improvisations.

Saturday 6 November 8pm: Toronto’s Mira Martin-Gray works in electronic sound, manipulating mixing boards in feedback loops to create eery and unsettling sound-worlds. She is joined by University of Guelph alum, Toronto percussionist Germaine Liu, who works with her instruments –– both conventional and unconventional, and some readymade in nature –– with uncommon sensitivity in the spirit of sharing.

Friday 12 November 8pm: Montreal composer-improviser Pierre-Yves Martel is a polymath performer who has, at stages in his renowned career, channelled his consummately experimental musical vision through the double bass and the Renaissance viola da gamba. His current fixation is the pedal steel guitar, which, in combination with synthesiser, he will wield in a solo recital of dreamlike wonder and detailed sonic sculpture.

Saturday 13 November 8pm: Montreal saxophonist Yves Charuest is a masterful technician whose freely improvised playing is invested with carefully wrought internal structures and animated by oblique melody. Here he will improvise with cellist Émilie Girard-Charest, one of Montreal’s finest younger musicians who is equally brilliant as an improviser, composer, and interpreter of challenging new repertoire.

Friday 19 November 8pm: Montreal’s Thanya Iyer sings her extended pop-based songs that are steeped in melodic richness and accompanied her and her band’s dynamic electro-acoustic instrumentation. Opening set by Toronto’s Justin Orok, whose poignant, often bittersweet songs feature his extraordinary guitar skills.

Saturday 20 November 8pm: Toronto singers Christine Duncan and Laura Swankey combine serious chops across the jazz-new music spectrum with dazzling improvisational imagination and daring. They are accompanied by drummer-producer Jean Martin, who will process his and their sounds with real-time electronics.