New Releases From Moderna Records

Source: Moderna Records.

Jeroen Dirrix – A Hidden Place EP

…a meditative wash of electronic sounds swirl continuously, joined by a steady pulse evoking the calming presence of a heartbeat. The acoustic sounds of the piano are deftly melded to the fold, a reflective melody taking centre stage as the texture continues to grow…

Snorri Hallgrímsson – Sandlóa (single)

“Sandlóa is the Icelandic name for the common ringed plover, a cute little bird that spends most of its time tiptoeing in our desolate black sand beaches looking for food. The gentle right hand ostinato in the piano of this piece made me think of these tiny creatures, who are somehow too innocent for our wide open spaces. And yet they thrive! They bring me joy on melancholic days, leaving a calming energy with their many steps on the land.”

Pêtr Aleksänder – Collage

It is an immense pleasure to release UK duo Pêtr Aleksänder’s LP Collage! Written at the end of 2020 and recorded during the first days of 2021, the record delves deeper into the possibilities afforded by the pairing of their creaky piano with a string ensemble and subtle electronics. It’s full of melody, soundscapes, romance and most importantly heart. It’s been such a joy to collaborate with Tom & Eliot on this and we hope you relish in the music as much as we have.

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