New Releases From Clean Feed Records

Source: Clean Feed Records.

Michaela Antalová/Martin Küchen – Thunder Before Lightning
LP only release documenting this duo of Slovakian unique percussion player Michaela Antalová with the mastermind of Angles, Trespass and All Included reedsman Martin Küchen. I remember the first time I heard this, what a transe!

L.U.M.E. – Las Californias
Third chapter of L.U.M.E. led by the genius composer Marco Barroso featuring an elastic and tight big band mixing elements of jazz, classical, metal and god knows what else.

Ritual Habitual – Pagan Chant
Rooted in the free jazz more organic tradition but stepped on a ritualistic repetition concept, this is the result of much work together of the trio.

Lisa Ullén/Sten Sandell – Double Music
This is a magic record with two pianos stretching out and dancing and sounding incredibly beautiful.

Friends and Neighbors – The Earth Is
Fifth record by this Norwegian super group exploring post bop and free jazz idioms bringing them to the XXI century. I just love this band!

The Who Trio – Strell
Finally the LP version of this very special record is ready!

The Rite of Trio – Free Development Of Delirium
The Rite of Trio by guitarist André Silva, bassist Filipe Melo and drummer Pedro Alves is that kind of cooperative band that you could never replace any of them even if needed. Six years and hundreds of concerts after the release of “Getting All the Evil of the Piston Collar!”, The Rite of Trio comes with more Jambacore music, disruptive, progressive and experimental Jazz if you want to name it.

João Lencastre´s Communion – Unlimited Dreams
Once again mixing musicians from Portugal/Europe and North American, João Lencastre presents the new chapter of his band “Communion”, an octet for the date. “Unlimited Dreams” is his most ambitious work to date blending musical dreams that are not always easy to combine or even predict as a composer. Jazz, metal, classical, electronic music and afrobeat are holding hands in a natural way. Bravo João!

Pedro Melo Alves Omniae Large Ensemble – Lumina
Directed by Pedro Carneiro and recorded at Guimarães Jazz Festival this is a major work by the unstoppable composer/drummer Pedro Melo Alves. A true masterpiece featuring 17 musicians including three voices, strings, electronics, classical guitar, brass, reeds and rythm section that sounds as innovative and clear as Pedro’s vision of music.

Carlos “Zingaro”/Pedro Carneiro – Elogio Das Sombras
Impressive duo by the leading light of portuguese impro scene for the past 50 years and violin maestro Carlos “Zingaro” and the world class marimba player (here with a very rare custom marimba with a damper pedal). The result is not only very rich musical and timbrically but ever surprising.

Ballrogg – Rolling Ball (LP)
The new opus by this fantastic trio. Together they reached a miraculous imaginary sound with a layer of americana feel over free improvised music. Finally on LP.

The Block Ensemble – Hugs & Bugs
Recorded in isolation and separately by the musicians. Initiated, curated, edited and produced by Kristoffer Berre Alberts joining people as Maja Ratke, Mette Rasmussen, Jasper Stadhouders, Mats Aleklint, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten etc.

Luís Lopes Love Song – Emmentes
Third opus of Luís Lopes Love Song series on Shhpuma, this time with only a nylon-stringed acoustic guitar. Since the amount of devotion and give of self that Lopes always puts in is music the result is an intimate, profound and beautiful music.

Padang Food Tigers – God´s Plenty
The London duo of Stephen Lewis and Spencer Grady – introduce us to an enchanting world, often surreal, ambient-folk tapestry full of dreamlike reveries. Weaving minimal acoustic abstractions of dobro and banjo atop organ-led drones, keening lap steel flickers, field recordings and bizarre radio transmissions. Although the music is deeply rooted in blues and folk, we can hear echoes of Ry Cooder or Virginia Astley, their approach transcends anything you have listened to before. Magical.

Moon-Liters/Millennium Development Goals – Nerve Agent
Philadelphian poly-instrumentalist D. Liedel offer us a peculiar blend of rock, jazz, electro, metal, hardcore punk, mambo, and calypso. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the familiar melodies, because anything can happen at any second in surprising ways. Everything sounds like it could have been recorded in the ‘80s or ‘90s with low-priced equipment, but the songs themselves sound fresh and full of life. Authentic, grounded and profoundly popular.