5 Questions to gabby fluke-mogul 

Source: I Care If You Listen.

gabby fluke-mogul is a violinist, improviser, and composer whose music experiments with the boundaries between free jazz, improvisation, and noise. After studying with the late Pauline Oliveros and performing with Fred Firth, gabby moved to New York City where they recorded their most recent album, threshold, out now on Relative Pitch Records. threshold is a freely improvised collection of six tracks recorded in one day in August of 2020.

Featuring a slew of extended techniques, gabby’s playing is both extremely expressive and virtuosic, in the sense that they have developed an entirely unique language for the violin. You can hear gabby’s innovative approach to their instrument at the New York Catalytic Sound Festival on October 24, 2021 at the Fridman Gallery with Nava Dunkelman. In advance of this performance, we caught up with gabby to talk about the relationship between music and text, the boundary between composition and improvisation, and more