New and Coming Releases From 577 Records 

Source: 577 Records & Forward Festival.

Lior Milliger Free Improv Trio
feat. Hilliard Greene & Joe Hertenstein

Lior Milliger’s Free Improv Trio has been working, performing and recording in NYC’s Free improvised music scene for years, but Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You is their first album together. Though a largely improvisational project, the tracks present fully developed musical ideas that build plot, tension and story. In their interpretation, the musicians describe each sound and intensity—Hilliard Greene’s bass, Lior Milliger’s inquiring saxophone and Joe Hertenstein’s simmering drums—as competing, interacting characters. The album’s songs are diverse, ranging from delicate and balanced compositions towards escalating tensions, the same familiar instruments transforming themselves with delightful musicality. Hilliard Greene is also a longtime member of The Telepathic Band, which has multiple releases on 577 Records. Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You will be released digitally December 3, 2021.

Sean Conly
The Buzz

Exploring the iconic trio format, Sean Conly (Bass), Francisco Mela (Drums) and Leo Genovese (Piano) mix composition and improvised music into a shared language. Inspired by both contemporary and traditional musical arrangements, the musicians’ distinct inclinations blend together in playful form, delivered in an easy dialogue between the musicians. The Buzz’s 10 tracks are gentle and warm, displaying the comfort that the artists have with each other, and lending the album a similarly inviting aura throughout. This marks Sean Conly and Leo Genovese’s debuts on 577 Records, respectively, and will be Francisco Mela’s third album on 577 Records, following MPT Trio (2021) and Music Frees Our Souls, Vol. 1 (2021). The Buzz is now available as a LP, CD and digitally.

Roy Campbell, John Dikeman, Raoul van der Weide, Peter Jacquemyn, Klaus Kugel
When The Time Is Right

When The Time Is Right opens with John Dikeman’s saxophone and Roy Campbell’s unmistakable, unrelenting trumpet, striking the first chord of a full-throttle performance, recorded live at an Amsterdam festival in 2013.

Takatsuki Trio Quartett feat. Silke Eberhard
At Kühlspot

In 2020, as live music tentatively returned to Berlin under strict regulations, the Takatsuki Trio Quartett organized a monthly concert series at the Kühlspot Social Club. Though the Takatsuki Trio Quartett, always includes Rieko Okuda (Piano), Antti Virtaranta (Bass) and Joshua Weitzel (Guitar, Shamisen), they exclusively perform as a quartet, inviting a fourth player to join them and lend a fresh perspective on their dynamic sound. This recording, At Kühlspot, documents one of those encounters with saxophonist Silke Eberhard, just days after she was awarded the prestigious Berlin Jazz Prize. The band itself derives their name from the Japanese city Takatsuki, located directly between two major metropolises Kyoto and Osaka. Drawing from their namesake, they maintain a similar multi-directionality through structured ambiguity: Trio or quartet? Jazz or experimental sound? Minimalist composition or uninhibited crescendo? Between Kyoto, Takatsuki and Osaka is the unifying force of the Hankyu-Express train, a fourth object that draws the entities together. Like so, a trio becomes a quartet with its addition.

John Edwards, N.O. Moore, Eddie Prévost, Alan Wilkinson

EMPoWered documents an improvisational live performance from British musicians John Edwards (Double Bass), N.O. Moore (Guitar), and Eddie Prévost (Drums). The three musicians have comprised a longstanding trio, known for their vigorous riffs and unconventional introspection. But in this performance, their group expanded to include saxophonist Alan Wilkinson, adding a deeply resonant, full-bellied sound to their otherwise discrete and dynamic in-the-moment compositions.