New Releases from Zeromoon / Jeff Surak

Source: Zeromoon.

Eris I Dysnomia
Released by Eh? (San Francisco)
Acoustic drones with electronic flourishes, dictaphone musique concrète, caliphone loopings and general tomfoolery. Available on cassette or digital download.

Four Criteria
Released by Kirigirisu Recordings (Tokyo)
Four Criteria uses Stockhausen’s self-identified criteria for defining electronic music as a literal starting point, and proceeds to explore and ignore the four precepts. File under minimal process sound art/lofi musique concrète. Available as a limited edition cdr and digital download.

Released by zeromoon (DC)
Created over a five-year period, this follow up to 2015’s ALLGOLD is a collection of tracks utilizing varying approaches. Bathe in expansive audioscapes, lush undulating drones, granulated textures, and post-industrial scrunge. Available as a digital download or as a limited cdr edition with 20 minutes of bonus material.

bluescreen electronics 03-05
Released by bluescreen (Shanghai)
Limited edition lathe and cassette boxset. Featuring three artists:
bl 03: Zhu Wenbo’s “Enicham” lathe and “Peformed by..” cassette
bl 04: Yan Jun’s “Improvisation” lathe and “Plays John Cage” cassette
bl 05: Jeff Surak’s “Future of Bad Taste b/w The deceased which breathes”

lathe and “ALLGOLD” cassette
ALLGOLD was originally released by Staaltape in 2015. My lathe is playable at any speed.


All Those Born Must Die
Released by Helen Scarsdale Agency (California)
The label hails it as “a dada deconstruction on post-punk.”
Available as a cassette and digital download. Street date: Oct/Nov 2021

Girls on Tape – Freie Kassentenkultur
Released by Coherent States (Athens, Greece)
The dictaphone troubadours of Rinus Van Alebeek and Jeff Surak return with more ferric madrigals and oxide quadrilles. Street date: end of 2021.