American Dreams Records Moves Beyond American Damage 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

In the beginning, Jordan Reyes was working a day job in beverage distribution while working in the distribution of noise, industrial, and power electronics music on the side. That distro and tape label was called American Damage and it was centrally about the ugliness at the center of American history and society. “Everyone knows that the United States was built on violence, inequality, and an imperialist mindset,” Reyes explains. While he never asked artists to detail what aspects of society they were critiquing in his curation of American Damage, most everything the label put out wrestled with violence and darkness, and all of it was created by U.S.-based artists. However, he wanted to focus more on what is inspiring despite the ugliness: that there is still beauty, that people still hope and endure, that we can move with intention rather than resignation—everything represented by the other side of the complicated American coin: dreams.