The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Eddie Prévost Band – Bean Soup and Bouquets (Matchless, 2021) ****½

Miguel Ângelo – Dança dos Desastrados (Porta Jazz, 2021) ****½

The Catalytic Sound Festival with Ken Vandermark and Brock Steussi

Brandon Lopez Trio – Live at Roulette (Relative Pitch, 2021) ****

Evan Parker – Winns Win (Byrd Out, 2021) ****

Barre Phillips, John Butcher, Ståle Liavik Solberg ‎– We Met – And Then (Relative Pitch 2021) *****

Christian Broecking – This Uncontainable Feeling of Freedom: Irène Schweizer – European Jazz and the Politics of Improvisation (Broecking Verlag, 2021)