Lawrence English Interview

Source: Tone Glow.

Lawrence English is a Brisbane, Australia-based field recordist, musician, organizer, and sound theorist. Since the early 2000s, he has released dozens of albums solo and in collaboration with William Basinski, Merzbow, Francisco López, and others. He is also head of the important label Room40. English has four recent releases: A Mirror Holds the Sky is an overpowering set of field recordings from the Amazon jungle; Observation of Breath is an exploration of the pipe organ housed at The Old Museum in Brisbane; Breathing Spirit Forms is an outdoor improvised set with David Toop and Akio Suzuki; and Material Interstices is an unsettling meditation on dream-states with Jamie Stewart as HEXA. Matthew Blackwell spoke with English via Zoom on July 13, 2021 about this flurry of activity, running a prolific label during a pandemic, recording in the Amazon, and surviving a whiteout in the Antarctic.