Revisiting Zappa

Source: Milner on Music. This is just one of many recent articles (another is here), and even a book chapter, in which the author is torn on Zappa – between his brilliance, his low-brow humor, and his consistently many less redeeming qualities. Zappa is being revisited and his ugly side explored. There’s no genius pass anymore.

I’ve been thinking about Frank Zappa lately. Why? A few days ago, writer and critic Steve Smith wrote a little post (and some tweets) about seeing The Zappa Band, and mentioned he used to be a fan, then went through a period where he wasn’t, but has sort of come around a little. And it got me to thinking about how I, a trans woman in her mid 30s, thinks about and tries to enjoy the music of one of classic rock’s biggest misogynists, when I’m the kind of person Zappa would have enjoyed pissing off.