Anthony Braxton Conference Coming in June 2022

Source: University of Antwerp.

For more than half a century Anthony Braxton has played a key role in contemporary and avant-garde- music as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, music theorist, teacher, mentor and visionary. Inspired by Jazz, European art music, and music of other cultures, Braxton labels his output ‘Creative Music’. This international conference will be the first one dealing with his multifaceted work, discussing different research projects concerned with Braxton’s compositional techniques as well as his music-philosophical thinking. In addition to this we will also look at his legacy, taking this vast body of work as a unique example among many to offer a different perspective on the eurocentric canon of post-war Western art music. The conference will take place from June 3rd. to 5th 2022 at De Singel International Arts Campus in Antwerp, Belgium.