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Source: Night After Night.

King Crimson has come and gone, and I’m grateful to have seen the band twice on what’s been described as its final U.S. tour. Likely this situation is and isn’t true: proper emphasis belongs not on the word final, but rather on tour, and no one should be surprised if extended engagements in scattered cities start to pop up in 2023. (Evidently it’ll take that long because drummer Gavin Harrison is otherwise engaged next year.)

One unanticipated consequence of the two concerts I attended is a renewed appreciation for some of Frank Zappa’s music, thanks to the appealing advocacy of the Zappa Band, who opened both shows. It was especially exciting during the Beacon Theatre performance when longtime mates Harrison and Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson joined the Zappa Band for a blissful account of “What’s New in Baltimore”—the extended grooves of which almost certainly resulted in the set’s abrupt ending, to avoid going overtime.