Nine Artists Bringing Together the Worlds of Jazz and Metal

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

To the casual observer, the hostile, cratered realm of heavy music—metal, hardcore, noise-rock, wherever you want to begin—might seem at a polar remove from the world of jazz. The palm-muted riffs, howls of anguish, and, let’s face it, overwhelming whiteness aren’t exactly in keeping with most views of jazz, whether one is thinking Duke Ellington, Ornette Coleman, or John Coltrane.

Beyond the simple fact that they both, ultimately, stem from the blues, and outside the direct influence guitarist Django Reinhardt’s triumph-over-adversity approach to his instrument would have on Tony Iommi’s own paradigm-altering sound, there is in fact a long, jagged, ever-forking line that extends from Black Sabbath, the protean wail of The Stooges’s Fun House, and the heavy prog of King Crimson to punk, grind, death and black metal and into just about every extreme subgenre you can imagine.