For Adam Rudolph, Collaboration is Communication

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Over the course of the last few decades, Adam Rudolph has quietly become a giant of world fusion and spiritual jazz. He has collaborated with mentors like Don Cherry and Yusef Lateef, and is a member of both Carlos Niño’s L.A. collective Build An Ark as well as Hu Vibrational, which features Niño and Hamid Drake. He’s mastered instruments from around the world, and has studied the traditions and philosophy behind the music he plays. He treats his many collaborations as a way for him to communicate across cultures and generations. META, the label Rudolph founded in 1997, has become a go-to source for heads into the deeper end of jazz, boasting releases from Rudolph’s towering Go: Organic Orchestra and global improv octet Moving Pictures, as well as works where Rudolph plays alongside legends like Yusef Lateef and Pharoah Sanders.