Orlando’s Timucua Arts Foundation Celebrates Their Landmark 1,000th House Show 

Source: Orlando Weekly.

House venues, as a rule, generally don’t last all that long. The ecstatic creative highs often end up outweighed by the organizational, logistical and financial lows. But the Timucua Arts Foundation isn’t just any house, not by a long shot.

Timucua, headquartered since 2007 in a custom-built residence-cum-grassroots performance space nestled among suburban homes on a quiet SoDo street, presented their 1,000th concert last week. That’s quite a milestone in a city where the theme park and resort industry casts a long shadow over the rest of the cultural landscape.

The Timucua Arts Foundation, though, proudly kicks back against those trends, specializing in deep-dive cultural events and adventurous music for local audiences with a taste for things on the proverbial left side of the dial.