Miki Sawada & Brendon Randall-Myers Break Down Barriers in Classical Music

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

On the second floor of Fayetteville, West Virginia’s Secret Sandwich Society restaurant, in a live music venue and art space known as The Grove, Miki Sawada performed movements from Brendon Randall-Myers’s A Kind of Mirror while she talked to an audience member about their life in a rural state. The concert was part of Sawada’s 13-stop Gather Hear Tour during the fall of 2018. The room where she was playing—an over 100-year-old wood-paneled space decorated with an array of vintage upholstery and string lights—was full. About 50 or 60 people of all ages were in attendance—including composer Randall-Myers—and chairs had to be brought up from the restaurant for everyone to sit on. As the program progressed, different audience members sat across from Sawada, taking turns performing rituals with her. One made tea to share with the audience, another read a spooky story about local legend Mothman, and by the end, everyone was popping bubble wrap together until the room went silent.