JG Thirlwell Announces Three US Performances

Source: mxdwn Music.

On September 11th, Thirlwell will perform his A/V presentation Silver Mantis! at the Elastic Arts venue in Chicago. Billed as a “50 minute electro-acoustic presentation, performed with software and sampling, theremin and prepared piano,” this show will demonstrate Thirwell’s improvisation skills and penchant for varying musical styles.

Thirlwell’s new instrumental project, Xordox, will be opening for Itchy Yo at Hallowmass 2021 in Denver on October 30th. Xordox is an experimental synth music project. The project’s first album Neospection fused dark and terrifying synths with a layer of cyberpunk. Under Xordox, Thirlwell recently released 2021’s Omniverse.

On December 7th, Thirlwell will team up with longtime collaborator Simon Hanes and they will rearrange several Foetus pieces for the instrumentation of harp, piano, viola, acoustic guitar/bass and drums. Set to take place at Roulette in New York City, this will serve as a reunion of sorts for the ensemble that previously sold out two shows back in 2019. Foetus is the main solo musical project of Thirlwell.