Drummer Valentina Magaletti Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

In 2016, the sculptor Yves Chaudouët made a drum set out of porcelain. Called the Batterie Fragile, or “fragile drums,” he needed a delicate yet expressive player to bring the object to life. So he turned to Valentina Magaletti, an Italian drummer with a voracious appetite for expanding the possibilities of percussion. The result of her performance, a 10” EP, Valentina plays the Batterie Fragile, features two long improvisations. The first is a woozy, punchy session, as if Magaletti had stumbled drunk to the instrument and tried fruitlessly to keep time. It’s unclear how they’re made, but at one point, the sound of gurgles is audible. The second improvisation is a controlled experiment, with meticulous brushing of the drums occurring at a marchlike pace. Vivid texture is present in each note, the roughness of the porcelain against the spindliness of Magaletti’s brushes. It’s like ASMR meets a furious jazz solo.