New Focus Recordings New and Coming Releases

Source: New Focus Recordings.

loadbang: Plays Well With Others
New Focus Recordings: fcr307
loadbang’s third release on New Focus, “Plays well with others,” is a celebration of a community of artists with a shared sensibility. The voice and winds quartet is joined here by string …

Iron Orchid
Ning Yu & David Bird
New Focus Recordings: fcr309
Iron Orchid, David Bird’s collaborative electro-acoustic work for pianist Ning Yu, is the audio component of a larger multi-media sculpture project with sculptor Mark Reigelman, Echo Chamber. …

Van Stiefel: Spirits
Panoramic Recordings: pan21
Composer and guitarist Van Stiefel’s Spirits is his unique take on the studio-instrumental albums of layered guitar by legends like Les Paul, Chet Atkins, and Glen Campbell, filtered through his own …

Michael Compitello: Unsnared Drum
New Focus Recordings: fcr310
Michael Compitello’s Unsnared Drum reframes how people think about, perform, and practice the snare drum, freeing the drum from its historical and idiomatic chains. It asks whether the snare drum can …

Scherzinger Etudes
Martin Scherzinger & Bobby Mitchell
New Focus Recordings: fcr295
Composer Martin Scherzinger releases his second album with New Focus, Scherzinger Etudes, focusing on his piano etudes. Performed here by pianist Bobby Mitchell, Scherzinger describes these works as …

Borderlands Ensemble: the space in which to see
New Focus Recordings: fcr299
Formed in 2017, Tucson based Borderlands Ensemble formed to foster connections across disciplines and music communities that have traditionally been separated. the space in which to see specifically …