New Neither / Nor Releases

Source: Neither / Nor.

Flin van Hemmen, You Can Know Where the Bombs Fell (n/n 019)
Flin van Hemmen – production, sampling, various instruments

In his third release on Neither/Nor Records Flin van Hemmen pushes further into the world of post-production and processing of recorded sound. Treating recorded sound as a found object or as malleable clay with which he assembles and molds abstract shapes, Flin creates a distinctive language which feels at once intimate and enigmatic.

Diaphane, Paris (n/n 018)
Frantz Loriot – viola
Raphael Loher – piano
Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba
Carlo Costa – percussion

Paris is a live album and the recording debut of the international quartet Diaphane. The band’s lineup is: Frantz Loriot on viola, Raphael Loher on piano, Carl Ludwig Hübsch on tuba and Carlo Costa on percussion. The group, which is dedicated to improvisation, makes use of a variety of unusual techniques and objects to extend the pallet of their acoustic instruments. The players blend seamlessly into each other’s sound worlds creating a dynamic and multifaceted music.