A Guide to the Gothenburg Underground 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Dicksson is a former chef and record store owner who also records murky synth music under the name Blod. He is one of five members of the collective Enhet För Fri Musik (loosely, “unit for free music”) and its affiliated label, Förlag För Fri Musik (“publisher for free music”), which—right under the nose of the Swedish public—is releasing some of the most strange and beguiling experimental music of our time. Take Enhet’s Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig, a patchwork quilt of outsider folk, somber organ liturgies, free improv, field recordings and sorrowful spoken word. It feels both intimate and mysterious—an enigma to be cracked. “My—dare I say ‘our’—driving force has always been to create our own thing,” says fellow Enhet member Matthias Andersson. “In the grand scheme, it doesn’t matter if it reaches outside the bubble of 10 to 15 people or not.”