Interview with Understory (Nicole Rampersaud, Parmela Attariwala, Germaine Liu)

Source: I Care If you Listen.

Understory is the new monthly series of virtual improvisatory collaborations curated by trumpet player and composer Nicole Rampersaud; violinist, ethnomusicologist and composer Parmela Attariwala; and percussionist and composer Germaine Liu. The project explores the potential of the ‘virtual performance’ paradigm as a new form of improvisational exchange through a cumulative process of layering. One performer initiates, recording their element, and the others follow, adding their contributions in successive layers that are eventually reconciled in post-production. All performers involved have to sign off before the final product can be offered publicly. The participants are selected for their agility in the art of improvisational exchange as well as intentionally representing an array of disparate aesthetic perspectives. Using technology to build a fertile creative community within Canada, Understory challenges older forms of artistic exchange by envisioning new forms of collaboration.